Lights, Camera, Awkward…

Matt and I had a photo shoot this morning and we were going for “dance-shots”… whatever that means. More often than I care to admit I have had people ask for photos where you can tell I am a dancer… and short of doing a kick or a jump- communicating dance through a still pose is more difficult than you might think.

We met with a photographer that we found on craigslist and she was very nice… but working with someone new is always challenging. She doesn’t know my movement quality and I don’t know her shooting style so we “danced around” (for lack of a better term) awkwardly for the first thirty minutes like two teenagers trying to figure out their first kiss.. “should I tilt my head like this?”  “put your hand here…” ” like this?” “yes, now stick out your chin and arch your back…” ay yi yi.

After about 40 minutes we got into the swing of things and we were jumpin and krumpin for our lives. Hopefully, we got some great shots in there. The best way to communicate dance in a photograph is to stick with basic moves from your style and then “step into them”… have your photographer time it so as to capture the image at the biggest moment of your movement and then try again until you capture a winner. Don’t be shy to ask the photographer to preview some of the shots on the camera screen; not after every shot but every once in a while check in on what your body looks like and how you should adjust your angle or facial expression!

Should you take a chance with a photographer or anyone offering a service on craigslist? My short answer, based solely on my first experience with it today, is if its free- YES… If you have to pay for it- not so much. Of course make sure its daylight, in public and you’ve got a buddy and some mace 😉