This page is a personal page and the opinions and words on it are my own (unless I am quoting someone, in which case the words will be between these two nifty little guys “”). Feel free to quote, borrow or use any of the advice on the page but link backs are appreciated 🙂 Also, keep in mind these are opinions and I am not an expert, just a human- like you.

Comments are appreciated, discussion is awesome, criticism is welcome but nastiness and hostility are not. Please browse and comment on this blog from a place of love, interest and positivity.

I will discuss things like my life as a dancer, the places I travel, insights into the entertainment industry, daily observations, tips on hair and make-up and clothing on a budget, how I made a choice to live my dream, how to prepare for a photo-shoot or audition, how to get started dancing, how to live your life in a positive way, how to pay it forward, my relationship with my fiance, how to remain in a positive mind frame and how we can all make a difference.






3 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this blog, Dana! I am about four days away from graduating from Walter cronkite at ASU and I can honestly tell you (without running the risk of sounding too obsequious!:)) this is way more interesting, heartfelt, organic, relatable and inspirational than anything I have seen anyone write in a long time! Even in journalism school, haha! And that’s not a dig on them, it’s a total 100% compliment to you! I am 28 and have always loved to watch my nieces dance hip hop competitively ; the day I found you and Matt on YouTube I fell in love with watching you guys! Please know every bit of hard work you put into your already flourishing and successful endeavors shows so beautifully in everything you both do! Hearts of gold are hard to hide! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi Dana! I just tried to leave a comment but I am not sure if it saved, so I’ll write a new one! I just wanted to let you know, without sounding too obsequious or annoying :), that I absolutely love this blog and you two! I am. 28-year-old (almost) graduate from journalism school at Walter Cronkite ASU and of all the pieces I have to read every day at my job as well, I have to tell you this blog is my favorite! Please know that the hard work you and Matt put into every single piece of work is more than noticed , it is extraordinary in talent and beauty and appreciated deeply by those of us who get to enjoy the fruits of your labor as well!! I am so happy I found you and your man’s YouTube page a few months ago because I fell in love with you guys! Hearts of gold are hard to hide!!!😍❤️❤️

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