The Cost of Our Success

It is currently 4:55 am… and I have been up since 9 am yesterday. I woke up to work out, went on two major auditions, learned to salsa dance off youtube in the car, choreographed a piece, taught class, held a 3 hour rehearsal and then spent the rest of the night into the wee hours of the morning at the gym- working with Matt creating a new piece for classes this week. This is not a rare thing- its fairly common to find us at 24 hour fitness as the sun is coming up dancing like two crazy people. Now I am not telling you this for  a pat on the back ( although I do love a good pat on the back)… I am writing this because it’s so common, especially lately, for people to say things like “I am so jealous, you’re so lucky” or ” I wish I could do that.” The facts are as follows:

1. What we have built has absolutely nothing to do with luck. We both worked for 5 or 6 years in our respective cities ( Me in NY him in VA) before we moved to LA, at the same feverish pace as the one we are working at now. I spent most of 2011 on the Goethals bridge and I think I slept a total of 8 minutes that year. We currently work with a laser-like focus- taking classes to train, working out, running social media, choreographing for studios and artists, editing videos, teaching classes, editing music, writing contracts, never ends.

2. You absolutely CAN have what we have and more- if you are willing to work for it. At the end of everyday we are covered in two things, sweat and gratitude. Work hard and be grateful and you can’t go wrong.

Sometimes I think people believe we float out of bed into a pit of money, then birds help us get dressed and squirrels do our dishes while we relax on the beach lol. So many funny tweets about how our life is perfect- and I wonder if they saw us at the gym just now, looking haggard and barely able to keep our eyes open- would they still want what we have? Maybe, but maybe they’d see it’s not perfect and its definitely not easy. I don’t think many people know what kind of work goes into what we do or understand that we didn’t just wake up one morning to opportunity and travel, that we created those things- slowly over time – with diligence.

We don’t have a magic lamp or a fairy godmother. We just have an unyielding, unrelenting drive to be better; Better dancers, choreographers, teachers, students…and people- and we won’t stop until we fulfill whatever potential we feel we have inside us. Nothing was created over night, even if it might look that way on social media. We have spent sweat, blood and tears- and in the end the high price of success is worth it- when you see your dreams materialize into reality you’ll have the joy of knowing you earned it.

If you are doing this too, not sleeping for a dream- know we are here with you- sacrificing, struggling, crying, screaming, laughing til it hurts. We are on the same journey, all the sleepless nights, long hours, frustration,  and it is all worth it. If you are wondering if you can work harder or do more, you can. Your potential is as large as you allow it to be. (BUT Balance is key- learn to push and learn when enough is enough. We take breaks when we need them to keep our hearts and minds strong.)

The difference between great success and great failure is often hanging on just a little bit longer- holding on when everyone else is letting go, pushing passed the insecurity and disbelief, working in darkness not because you can see the light- but because you trust that it’s there. So, hang in there- put in an extra hour, run an extra mile, accept the challenges before you with confidence. You CAN do it, I know you can- so keep climbing, slow and steady and we will see you at the top ❤