#AskDana – June 2015

I gave you guys the chance to ask me any questions you’d like on Twitter and here are the answers to some of my favorite ones!

  The first question comes from @AmandineTexeira.

 I have always been dedicated to dance and have always had a passion for it. I began dancing at a young age and really just fell in love with it. However, I wasn’t always sure I could make a career out of it. I was always a straight A student and enjoyed science so after High school I chose to study at a university and obtained a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience. I thought for a while that I would work in forensics or potentially become a psychologist. As much as I loved science I still had a deep feeling that I wasn’t finished dancing and that I should give it a shot. So, After graduation I gave myself one year to try to pursue my dance dream professionally.. And the rest, as they say, is history 🙂

 Second question comes from @amberrrr_g 🙂 

I would say that I always had the dream that someday I would dance professionally and live in Los Angeles- like the amazing dancers I watched in the music videos that inspired me throughout my youth. However, I came from a low income family and lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn. It didn’t really seem feasible that I could make it as a dancer and make a living doing that. I felt like most people do that I should look for a safer more sensible career. It took me a long time to realize that I could be good enough to make my dream a reality if I worked hard enough and wanted it badly enough. It wasn’t until I booked my first professional job at 22 that I realized this could be a profession for me and went at it full speed ahead.

My favorite style of dance I would say is commercial dance- jazz funk and hip hop. I like dance that is fun and light hearted and entertaining.  However, I love dancing so much that I enjoy class in pretty much every style (even the ones I suck at) and I love to watch dancers perform in every style.

 Next question comes from @jerzeejess– I WISH I could play an instrument! I have a lifelong goal to learn to play piano and I actually have a flyer for private lessons on my fridge. I WILL get to it one day- it’s something I’ve always wanted to do! 

  Final question is from @weronikaopalka

My favorite piece from this year was probably Be Real! I love collaborating with Matt and even though it was an easy one it was so much fun. Plus it was one of the routines we taught during our European tour so I have a ton of great memories dancing that one with so many great dancers in some awesome locations!
Thanks for sending me your questions! Follow me on Twitter @DanaAlexaNY for updates on my classes and projects and keep an eye out for the next #AskDana so you can ask me anything 🙂 love you guys ❤️