Random acts of kindness

Today I traveled from Los Angeles to Colorado and was given a dreaded middle seat, between two strangers. There was no option to switch, it was the only seat left on the plane. I boarded the plane to find my window seat counterpart to be a girl, no more than 13, traveling on her own. Her name was mikaylee, which I gathered from a tattered letter she was clinging to that I could tell was addressed to her. I wasn’t trying to be nosey, but she opened the letter and read it 50 times at least before take off. From what I saw I was able to gather that Mikaylee had been in LA visiting her father that she doesn’t see much of and was now heading back home. The letter was from her dad and the one sentence I could see read “I know things can be hard but please know it is breaking my heart to have to let you leave.”

Mikaylee was quiet and disheveled. She had an air of sadness about her that was so heavy and had no place on such a young girl. She drifted off during the flight and rested her head on my shoulder and I let her sleep comfortably, even though I myself am on zero sleep, because I could tell she needed it. When she woke up and the plane landed, I asked her if she had luggage in the overhead bin, and she whispered a timid “yes.” I waited for the rows ahead to clear and pulled her pink zebra bag down from the overhead, smiled and told her to have a great day. If I hadn’t seen that letter I might have been irked that she fell asleep on me and kept me up… But what a bad attitude that would have been. We often miss the boat on important lessons and opportunities for gratitude and growth because we are negative or selfish.

I know I will probably never see her again, and that she may not remember me- but I will remember her. I put these things out into the universe for her while she slept “I hope she finds love and peace and happiness in her life….” And I really, really do.

You never know why you are given a certain seat assignment in your life but if you pay attention, the universe might tell you exactly why and let you know that you are exactly where you’re meant to be. I feel grateful for my middle seat because it led me to mikaylee today. It led me to the reminder to always be kind to strangers because you never know what battle they are fighting and that I am living a very blessed and beautiful life. Pay attention to the signs, they are out there for you. Be grateful for your life and every once in a while commit a random act of kindness. The most important things we do in our life will be the things that positively impact the lives of those around us. Live an inspirational, inspired life- every day.


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