I said yes

One year ago today the man that I love more than anything in the world surprised me and asked me to marry him out of the blue one night and I said yes.. Actually I screamed it.

We are having a nice LONG engagement because we want to enjoy this time in our lives and take our time to plan this significant event. We don’t want anything to be stressful and we don’t want wedding planning to be a nuisance. Everyone loves to say “planning a wedding is stressful” like its a fact.. But nothing is or isn’t stressful, things are what we make them and I’ll elope or get married at city hall before I let our wedding be anything less than a fun, relaxed, joyful day.

We fell in love quickly and got engaged after only 8 months and we will be married in a little less than a year and a half. The fact of the matter is that we are content to live our life on our timeline. I don’t care how long is traditional or what people expect. We live our lives according to what feels right and we will do things in our own time. I encourage everyone to think about these things in terms of their own life. Never mind what you “should” do, or what people “expect.” What do you want to do? What feels right? Do more of that.

Remember that life is one big self fulfilling prophecy.. You will get what you expect. If you go into wedding planning or vacationing or the holiday season with family expecting it to be stressful, then guess what? It will be. Our wedding will not be stressful. We will plan it at our pace according to the things we enjoy and the people who really love us will be there and support us. Until that great day comes we will continue to celebrate our love and our commitment to each other every single day, to enjoy each others company, to go on adventures together, to laugh and to live the life we have always imagined.

Happy one year engaged anniversary fiancé. I could not ask for a better man or a better partner. Your sweet spirit is a blessing in my life and you are part of my heart forever and always. Thanks for your constant love and support and everything you do and everything you are.


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