Into the desert

Matt and I are heading out on one of our many adventures and this time we are taking a 6 hour road trip from Los Angeles to Scotsdale Az. Here are some tips I use while I am traveling to stay healthy and fit:

1. Wake up and stretch, do some crunches and choose clothing that isn’t too restrictive.

2. Have healthy foods, low in carbs ( this morning I opted for a sweet green juice from Evolution Fresh). It’s easy to get stuck at the drive thru window on a car ride but do your very best to avoid it. Eating healthy is never more important than when you are spending long periods of times in relative inactivity.

3. Take advantage of rest stops and make sure u get out to walk and stretch your legs and do some light stretching of your neck and back. Make sure to fidget while you are in the car. Don’t sit in any one position too long- keep it moving.

4. Stay hydrated and bring water water water.

5. Smell the wild air and drink in the scenery. On road trips especially make sure to open the window now and again and keep your eyes on your surroundings … Take in new places and enjoy them. In the Information Age we don’t often see much more than the iPhone screen. Exploration is good for the soul.



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