Believe it and receive it: The life I live now.

Your brain is the most powerful machine you will ever own. It doesn’t come with an instruction manual but it is in your best interest to learn how to use it; learn to control your mind and keep your thoughts positive. Your thoughts become your life.. and that is the idea that I base my life on. People often ask how I got so lucky in dance and in finding a man like Matt.. but I didn’t get lucky at all- I got educated. I stopped letting my mind run on auto-pilot and learned to carefully control my thoughts. I use positive thinking and visualization to create the things I want. I tell the universe clearly what I desire and the universe brings it to me or in the case of Matt (who I met by driving across the country and moving to California) brings me to it. I know this sounds crazy… but in my own personal life I can promise you it works.

It is not enough to just muse on something.. “I’d like to win the lottery…” You have to genuinely believe in the possibility, all the time, without doubt. You have to learn to silence the sometimes subconscious voice in your mind that says “that’s impossible” and actually visualize yourself with the things you want. Imagine what they would taste like, smell like, feel like… smile and jump up and down like you actually did win the lottery if that’s what it takes… But believe it- and you will receive it.

How do you start?

1.Monitor your thoughts today. How many times a day do thoughts like traffic, debt, or illness cross your mind? Even if you are thinking: “I don’t want any more debt” you are still calling for debt. The universe doesn’t hear “I don’t want”… worry is a way of summoning the things you DON’T want by keeping them at the forefront of your thoughts. Erase the word debt and instead think “I want more money” and ” money comes freely and easily.” Replace all the negative with positive as much as possible. If you are stuck in traffic breathe in and out and refocus your energy. Don’t worry about traffic, or if you’ll pay your rent.. worry is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere.

2. Set a goal and test it.. give yourself 6 months to create something that you really want and believe you can have. Start small at first and work up to bigger things as you get better at this strategy. Think about it every day.. how would it feel to have that promotion or lose those 5 pounds? How would others react when they saw you in that new dress you’ve had your eye on? what will it be like WHEN you have it, not if…and so on..Matt and I keep a vision board in our home that we look at EVERY day. The board has pictures of all the things we want for our lives and I promise you, we will have every single one of them… because we believe we can and because we stay focused on them.

3. Be GRATEFUL. Wake up every single day and while you are brushing your teeth, instead of going through all the things you have to do that day or worrying about your big presentation at work.. go through ALL the things in your life that you are grateful for… A loving family, pretty hair, a job you like, anything. Greatness starts with a grateful heart and you will never have more if you cannot appreciate what you have now. This will put you in a positive place for the day and set you on a good path.

4. Focus on the big picture and have THICK skin: If you find yourself huffing and puffing over every day’s little disturbance you have gotten off the beaten path. Smile at the person who cuts you off in traffic, speak to people gently and with kindness even if they don’t deserve it right then, create an environment of positivity and change your environment, don’t let it change you. If you see someone struggling, ask if they need help. If you see someone upset look at them with understanding and say “rough day?” If you can create an atmosphere of understanding, empathy and positivity you will create a pathway for the universe and the people around you to bring those things right back to you. What goes around comes around… so send the right energy around.

5. TRUST in the plan: This takes practice. There is a reason not everyone is thin and wealthy… you have to train your mind EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY.. just like you keep your body fit in the gym you have to train your mind the same way. When negativity slips in, and it will, be forgiving of yourself, replace the thought and move on. Trust that if you don’t see results in 2 days that you need to stick with it. Remember that things don’t always come to you the way you expect them to. For example: maybe your visualization is that you want to make $100k this year. Stay focused on that. Maybe the next month, you’ll lose your job. Your mind wants to rationalize it and talk you into quitting on your goal- its hopeless, your unemployed.. you’ll never make 100k now.. right? wrong. Often times we are not on the path to the things we want and asking for the things we want means accepting that we may need to be re-directed. Maybe its time to hunt for a new job, or become your own boss or open that store you’ve always wanted. Take the events in your life as signs and listen to them.  Don’t always assume the worst.

You may not be convinced yet.. but hey, sounds like it might be worth a try huh? it is- I promise 🙂

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