Pet Peeve number 4,005,858,674-Tough guys behind the computer screen

As dancers, artists and people become more public on social networking sites from instagram to youtube they are given the privilege to share their art or their life with a larger audience of people… This also leads to opening themselves up to hateful, negative, unnecessary feedback. There is nothing that makes me more angry than people sitting at home, doing nothing, sitting in hate and judgment of those who are doing something. This is the eternal battle of the driven and the artistic. I swear no one in this world ever accomplished ANYTHING without a few idiots in their ear telling them they couldn’t. Now, the stakes are higher and instead of a few idiots you can open yourself up to thousands of them.

The things you type on the internet are real words. They are read by real people. Just because you don’t have to speak them with your mouth or look someone in the face while you say them doesn’t mean you aren’t speaking to someone. If you wouldn’t say it out loud in public then you shouldn’t type it. It’s so cowardly to sit at home and feel safe and spew criticism and judgement on people who are sharing their art with you. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, or watch it and then move on with your day. Do not take the time to type a rude, hateful comment to people you don’t know who are doing things you can’t even do. Constructive criticism- awesome. But other than that you can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

I’m so sick of people believing that it’s not considered bullying if someone is rich, or high status or makes themselves a public figure. It is still bullying and harassment wether its a celebrity or a kid at school. What does anyone get out of making someone feel badly about themselves for even one second? Nothing. Not only did you drag someone else down, you dragged yourself down as well. Negativity is a disease that way, just as lethal to the dealer as it is to the recipient. 


Watch your thoughts, watch your words, stop the hate and criticism. Its tired. Dwell in positivity and find something encouraging to say even about things you don’t like.. watch your whole entire life change. Spread love, its the only way.


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